Rochelle Hammons – West Hills, California California


We’ll I was at wits end on trying to stop this homewrecker Rochelle Hammons. So I’m going to let everyone know on who she is. So I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years. It all began at a Santa Monica YMCA camp in Big Bear, CA. My boyfriend and her were cooks. Pretty much after he started working there they began the secret relationship. I had noticed my boyfriend acting very funny and being way too happy and just not being himself. Thought nothing of it until he had left his phone on the charger. When his phone went off it was her, so I was thinking it was our old friend but no it was a naked picture of her and naughty messages. So I ended the relationship. He stayed with her and I guess things didn’t work out and so my ex boyfriend came back. Then I found messages between them again of her saying to come over before work so they can f***, and that her dad wasn’t home for the whole weekend. She was constantly texting for him to call her and asking if he’s alone. I thought he was ignoring her being good about things. Then I heard from a friend that she seen my boyfriend at Chads Place (a bar in Big Bear). And she confronted them and yelled at him in front of her. So I am warning anyone that around her beware. She doesn’t care for families. She just wants to ruin your life and steal your boyfriend or husband from you. If your boyfriend/husband works with her. No doubt she’s probably either attempting to or already has F***** him.

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