Roger Dean Chevrolet Review


I picked up my vehicle after having a new Alternator installed. | When I got home I opened the hood and looked at the new alternator to see that the wire from the wiring harness coming from the battery to the terminal on the alternator had come loose. The main wire harness was not even secured back into the harness clamp, it was just left loose. I reached down and touched the wiring harness to discover that the mechanic used the same old wire from the harness from the old alternator to connect to the new terminal bolt. The old wire was corroded, burned and frayed and had just fallen out of the terminal end. How in the hell does a mechanic replace an alternator and just use the old corroded and burned wire which was so loose it fell off the terminal? It appears to be the wire that charges the battery because it sparked when the bare end touched the exhaust manifold. | Had I not looked at the alternator the loose wire would have led to other mechanical problems and probably a dead battery which costs nearly $100 to replace. | To make matters worse no one suggested that a new belt be installed with the new alternator. I also noticed a nick on the side of the alternator belt which looks fresh and like it probably occurred because of being re-installed on the pulley. So now at some point Iíll have to pay to have a new belt installed when it could have been taken care of at the time of the new alternator installation. The belt is going to fray now because of the nick and Iíll have to pay twice for the same labor of installing a new belt when it could have been done with the alternator. | Another issue occurred which is separate from the alternator. My driver side front window does not work (go up) because the motor has a short which prevents the window from being raised once lowered. I did not report this to the dealer because I was not having it worked on. The problem I have is that someone lowered the window and just left it without saying anything to me knowing that the window wouldnít go back up. Since when do dealers leave vehicle windows down on cars that are ready for pick-up by the owner? It could rain at any time. So now I have to take the door apart to raise the window back up. Your mechanic or whoever lowered the window could have said something or written on my paperwork Ė Iím sorry for lowering the window, I didnít know it didnít work. Instead they didnít say anything and just left it for me to find. Thatís pretty d**n screwed up. | THE WIRE FELL OUT OF THE TERMINAL BEFORE I GOT HOME. | On another note: The Customer Service Sucks. | On Saturday the 10th when I dropped off my vehicle, I went into the customer lounge where 5 other people were seated. The lights were off so we were sitting in the dark. The TV was off with no remote. There was no coffee made. There were no doughnuts provided like other car dealerships provide including the Chevy dealership in Lake Worth. We as a group had to ask a passing service writer for the lights and the TV to be turned on. The worst part of all this was the fat guy that walked thru the lounge carrying a large McDonaldís bag full of food who went into the employee lounge around the corner and closed the door while we, the customers, were sitting in the customer lounge listening to all the sales guys, or whoever they were, telling jokes, laughing loudly, yucking it up and eating McDonalds while we had nothing in the customer lounge. | So Very Un-Professional. | Additionally, I am allergic to CATS, so imagine my surprise to see 4 large cats living in the center office / cashier office walking around all over the desks. Since the door to the office is left cracked open by a door stop, the cat dander makes it way out to the customer lounge where it gave me a sinus headache and sniffles. Why are there cats living inside an office at a car dealership? Itís not the Peggy Adams Rescue Shelter or the County Animal Shelter. | What kind of jacked up ghetto dealership of unprofessional jack wagons are they running? | A very pissed off customer that will NEVER go back to that dealership! | Then they sent me an e-mail for a survey where I voiced my complaint. I got back an automated e-mail saying for me to call them to discuss the matter.


  • Name: Roger Dean Chevrolet
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Cape Coral
  • Address: 101 SW Pine Island Rd
  • Phone: 239-574-3326
  • Website:

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