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Complaint: In 2008, a dishonest person Mr. Roland Hejna collected money from a group of people. He said he would use this money for the Muskoka (Toronto, Canada) land development. Collecting money was easy for him because he used his wifeu2019s, Emilia Simonyan, and her familyu2019s friends and relatives. Emilia Simonyan and the members of her family assured us that her husband is an honest and successful businessman. Everyone trusted this family and invested money with him. This person collected from us over the million dollars promising to build 60 cottages in 3 years and return our money with profit. However, 5 years have passed and he didnu2019t do anything. He wasted our money and he is not planning to give us money back. He just used us! The reason I am writing is to warn you, so you wouldnu2019t get in such unpleasant situation like we are right now! If you ever encounter Mr. Roland Hejna and he will persuade you to invest money in one his projects, donu2019t trust him. Before investing money with him Google his name and you will see that his owes numerous people and banks in Toronto. Also, on the following site u2013>English>Ontario> Superior Court of Justice> type- Roland Hejna and you can find that the Royal Bank of Canada sued him for u2018check knittingu2019 scheme and overdrawing his numerous accounts with this bank over $6,000.000.00 dollars. Please donu2019t make the same mistake like we did. Donu2019t invest money with this dishonest person! I donu2019tu2019 know if we get our money back, but if this saves anyone from being ripped off by Mr. Roland Hejna it will worth the time I am spending writing this.

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Address: 2305, 17th Sideroad King City (Toronto), Ontario Canada



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