Rollup Awning deer park New York Review


The company has been around a long time and the attitude is disgusting. they sent arep to the house. he showed samples and made the sale. Afterward they bait and switched the cost of materials and increased the price. the delivery was late and communication was horrible at every turn. You are required to pay up front then wait. no exceptions. After only a couple years into a 10 year warranty, the fabric started fraying and coming apart at the seams. when contacted we werte told that the fabric is warranty but the seams and binding threads were not. WTF is that? the owner started blaming us for his shotty materials and workmanship. The guy is a total a**. $7000 for an awning and when the seams start falling apart, he says too bad. he quoted $3000 for his crew to come retrieve the awning and repair the 4 inch seam seperation. RUN away from this company. they are the worst company in the world. Good product for a while. no support and abusive communications.

1688 Church Street, Holbrook, NY Southampton , New York USA

(800) 445-7655

Outdoor Furniture & Equipment

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