Ron (Jay) Shaver – San Leandro, California California


Here he is ladies, take a good look at this man. He will charm the pants right off of you, literally and then give you HPV. When you confront him about it, he will say oh yeah I guess I have it. By then it’s too late for you. He did nothing but look for prostitutes on back page, play video games all day and drain me, emotionally, financially and was very abusive, not only physically but verbally and then make you think it is your fault that he does all those things to you. (If you didn’t do that or say that…blah blah blah) He does not have a place to live. Oh wait yes he does, at your house. You think it will be great because he has made up this fantastic lie about who he is so you will trust him, but it’s not. He will demand so much of you, your time and effort with nothing in return. He will be unemployed most of your relationship so you will be the one left paying the bills and giving him money to drive to other chicks houses and screw them (without a condom). He will gaslight you to death, until you realize you are NOT the crazy one. He is, very much bipolar and not on medication. He will wake you up in the middle of the night with his hands around your throat, laughing. He will be difficult to get out of your life because he is in your home and has made himself very comfortable. He will use you until there is nothing left for him to take. Please beware of his lies and his STD’s.

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