Ronnie aka Woo Daddy – Broken arrow, Oklahoma Men


This man Ronnie aka Woo Daddy targets and uses women for their money and drugs so he doesn’t have to get up and work and he uses his car wreck as an excuse and claims that his back is still messed up. He not only homwrecks women’s relationships and marriages but he has a son he doesn’t take care of and possibly more because he’s the modern day Casanova, he doesn’t wrap it up and there is no telling how many stis he has gotten in his life. The most women I have witnessed him having over at his house and playing them one by one is at least five a day the maximum while his girlfriend he lives off of is at work. If he keeps it up he may contract something that he cant get rid of like HPV, herpes, or AIDS and or HIV. He is a sexual deviant and that is putting it lightly but if you want your personal rights and boundaries violated and your life destroyed by this lunatic go for it. He is so sick in the head he will start off nice and then get down right sexually abusive. He will sodomize you and have no consideration for the amount of pain you are in and if you tell him no or beg him to stop he will tell you to shut up and call you a bitch and then turn around and be nice and grooming to justify that he just violated and raped you. Stay away from this man he is a maniac. Did I mention he’s a narcissist and he thinks he’s a rap artist and his sh*t really sucks? Ladies. He has f****d everybody in ba and Tulsa and doesn’t care who he destroys or hurts. Watch out!

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