Rooms To Go forney Texas Review


I purchased a couch and loveseat from rooms to go, and also purchased the extended warranty. I was in the process of getting a house and moved the furniture into a climate controlled storage facility. It sat there for 6 mos. when we found our home we put the furniture in the living room and enjoyed it for the first 3 or 4 months. Then it started to pop and crack when you would sit, and sink to the floor. the warranty was gone from the manufacturer and and rooms to go did send out a repair man. he told me the frame had pulled loose, and that the furniture was cheap and the factory uses finishing nails. So he put in screws. he then stated that the cusion foam was bad and that he would put in an order for more cusion cores. we waites 2 or 3 weeks and i called and the lady stated that the technition had reported it “customer usage”” and they would not cover the cores. So i said to this idiot

“” so sitting on your couch voids the warranty?”” she replied im sorry but yes! I still have not gotten new cores

the arms and back are poping and cracking again

the cheap covering material is pulled at the seems and it feels like im sitting on the floor. they refused to send anyone out again unless i pay for it and that it would not be covered. so to end my shared experience with you smart people who research befor you buy DO NOT BUY THE CRAPP AND NEVER EVER BUY A WARRANTY FROM THEM!!! and i hope that you won’t ever be like me with a $1600 hunk of SH*T sitting in your livingroom. The End Ben nBennforney


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