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I purchased some furniture, a dinette set that does not support anyone/thing over 200lbs. The technician came out and tightened the bolts within the 1st month I owned it. Then I moved. My disabled son sat on a chair and it broke. When I called customer service and told them the address, they advised me since I moved my warranty was terminated. The customer service representative informed me I should have read my contract. I purchased the furniture online. I had no idea I was supposed to live in my apartment forever…….OR that the chairs had a weight limit. No where on their website is it posted that the chairs have a weight limit. I can not use any of the chairs if my guests are over 200lbs. My son can no longer sit on them and I can not return the table either that is under a payment plan. Almost $200 per chair. Im paying for something I can not use.

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