My Complaint: Roomster is a website thats supposed to help you find a roommate or a room, basically somewhere to live, I made my account and then had a bunch of random numbers, supposedly people who are looking for someone to rent their room in their apt, house, etc. and they all text you the same exact thing, they all sound the same, first they send you a random picture of them with a description of themselves and then when i ask them if I can go by tomorrow to check out the room which of course your allowed to do and can always do, they make up some excuse as to why their not even there to show you the place and how if I want to see it the key is located at some mailing facility and you have to pay your security deposit up front without even checking out the apartment so then they can send you over the tracking number of the key. Which I thought to be of course weird because how are you going to give any of your money to room you’ve never even seen in person, that just doesn’t seem professional to me. They talk to you in a way where you can trust them, and send you pics pf the “apartment which now I know isn’t even the apartment, they’re random pictures from google. They look like it’s somebody’s home but it doesn’t look like ‘homey’ if you catch what im saying. All the pictures of the rooms I was sent, from different phone numbers btw, looked oddly similar in some ways. They also send you an email with a questionnaire to fill out which also weird to me. They’re all different people supposedly and they’re all sending me the same questionnaire which the website never even informed me of cause if it was part of the website i’d get it but this is all off email. Once they bring up the topic about the money they don’t stop talking about it. They keep notifying you if I sent it, if I have PayPal or something else, why am I not responding to them anymore. Then they try to pressure me by saying ”you seem really cool and I feel like we’re going to get along, but theirs other people that want it and i’m not pressuring you or anything but their isn’t much time left” stuff like that. Also all their social medias are sooooo fake and theirs comments of other people saying how it’s a scam and to not trust. Every person that isn’t looking for somewhere to live is a scammer. It’s not fair because their is mostly young people on this website and their taking advantage of them and robbing them of their money.



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