Rory Harris – Woodward, Oklahoma Men


Tries to go on dating sites like OKcupid, POF, and Ashley Madison with the same “game”. Pursues relentlessly. He will likely be on these sites for the rest of his life. No one wants him for long. Has mistreated many women. People in his hometown are onto him. He even pursues girls online who are friends with the exes that he mistreated. He cares nothing about anyone else. He only cares about his own interests and what he “thinks” he wants at the time. He tried to get with me after completely abusing one of my friends. He is known for having cheated on his wife Brenda. He is known for having slept with the wife of at least one of his friends. He has domestic violence/assault charges for an altercation around the time of his divorce. He talked one girl into giving up her dreams instead of helping her with them. He pursued her for years only to discard her when she no longer served her purpose according to him. He has done similar things to several women. He upset one woman so badly that she no longer allowed him to see her or any of her children. One of these children might have even been his son. Others he is completely rude and disrespectful to in the very beginning. These are the lucky ones. While he uses women, he does come off as generous in the beginning. This is a perfect time to use him the same way that he uses women if you even find him worth the bother for this. His pof profile has a stiff, ugly and forced smile. Too bad money can’t buy being a decent human being. Money is the one thing he is good at getting. He has wrecked at least one marriage besides his own. He is very immoral; sexually and across the board. If you sleep with him, do not trust him, and please… use protection.

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