Rosalinda (Rosa) Gonzales Juarez – Tucson, Arizona Arizona


This woman right here who goes by the name of Rosa and is a married woman. Rosalinda Juarez began to work for Centene at Cenpatico in June 3rd 2017. There she met a co-worker whom she know also was married with a family of his own. She pursued him over and over until he finally gave in. They began the affair between End of July and August (didn’t take long). She would contact him at all hours of the night to meet. In mid September 2017 the he decided to end things with Rosa who demanded that he leave his wife for her since she too was having trouble with her marriage. When he refused and told her it should of never happened because he loves his wife, she told him that she knew were he lived and threatened to go to his home and make a scene with his wife. His wife found out of the affair by seeing the text messages and met Rosa (before she knew she was the one whom her husband was having the affair with). The husband is now in the process of a divorce. He changed his phone number to avoid Rosa contacting him yet she continues to look for him at work. Rosa also looks for other married men at work to see who is willing to leave their wife’s for her. This woman is a homewrecker and will spread her legs for any married man just so that she can destroy the marriage, specially when her’s is currently in trouble. If any one lives in the Tucson area, beware of this woman who resides in Golflinks and Kolb at Pebblecreek Apartments.

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