Rose Marie Kane – Saint Augustine, Florida Florida


So this disgusting whore is the talk of the town. Her first baby daddy, she slept and manipulated him for years. Slowly went around his brothers.. FU**ING 4 of his brothers. Even had one brother rent her a home and then dumped the brother and moved her babydaddy in. Their child is the center of debate in town, no one is sure if his father is who she says, seeing how she even fu**ed her sons GRANDFATHER. Shes a lowlife who uses men to get homes, cars, and sex. Her youngest no one knows who her dad is. The man she claimed was her daughter’s father is now in jail. But it’s okay! She stole one of her ex bfs from his new girlfriend. She needed someone to pay the bills!! She still trys to f**k her baby daddy (the first) but he’s married to another cheating slut.. So no fun for this whore! She’s in multiple sites for sex and will leave her kids with whoever is playing daddy to cheat! She is on welfare and just sits in her fat ass looking for a new victim. She even trys to f**k her ex brother in-laws whenever the tramp is bored. Watch out people, this warthog has a way of charming means pants off.

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