Rosie Lopez – East Los Angeles, California California


Beware, Rosie Lopez is cheaper than a prostitute and is on the lookout for younger men! All this women does is party, drink, and sleep with anyone that gives her alcohol and attention. Even if that man is in a relationship and she knows it. I was pregnant and having complications and she slept with my boyfriend. After I found out I asked her about it and she said they were only “Facebook friends”. She even went so low as to say she knows how it feels to be cheated on and it sucks. Then I found pictures of the two of them together and called to confront her. She said you need to talk to your man and hung up. He’s by no means innocent but she not only cheated with him but lied and tried to offer me comfort! What a b*tch! The whole time she’s f**cking my man she’s liking our pictures on Facebook he’s posting. When our son was finally born she had the nerve to ask on his post “Is he yours?” This women is the lowest piece of crap there is!

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