Roskam Baking Co Sparta Michigan


Complaint: Reuctantly came to work for Roskams as a Temp, was told it’s better company to work for so thought I would give it another chance. Nothing has changed, Still run by family who seem to have a knack for hiring untrained bully management. Seems they have cornered the market on people who know how to keep the revolving door going. There is a constant hostile enviroment where bosses are allowed to scream at employees that they don’t like so as tho replace them with their favorites. Instead of using the company’s time and money to address real issues they work much harder to make a persons life miserable on a daily basis. I’v seen so much talent go out the door because they stand up for a moral principle. Ive seen management go so far many times as to continually set up a person or myself for failure, even to the point of sabotaging machinery then asignining to it people they want to see fail. They will do this until a person has enough write-ups to be fired with no recourse. GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) is only enforced to certain people, It’s alright for a manager to walk through a allergen controlled area with a Burger King order, then when confronted by a member of QC the response is “I’m management I’ll do what I want.”” She was just doing her job. A non smoking policy was enstated this year which is fine but it didnt yield as many write ups as they hoped so they went back to setting people up for failure. Several people and myself have been asked to sign statements admitting to poor work performance and being slow

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: this seems to be some kind of unemployment waiver

Website: 5353 Broadmore Kentwood, Michigan USA

Phone: those people are gone…. I refused to sign. Daily petty scrutany is a way of life and the stress level make it impossible to perform at a persons best. There have been supevisors heard making bets to see whih one could get the most write ups signed. Its extreemly dusty… the dust collecting and explosion sepressing system designed to pull the dust from dry mixing area hasn’t work in two weeks

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