A week ago I received a call from some rude lady claiming to be from an attorneys office. She said there is a warrant against my SS# and that I would be served court orders at my place of work and home if I do not take care of the debt right away. She is very abrupt and when I asked for some written documentation showing the said loan she claimed that she already explained the whole thing and there would be no written documentation. Kept rudely asking what I planned on doing about the loan. When I explained I had no idea what loan she was referring to and that I’d like to talk to whomever I took out a loan with. Her response was always “mam I’ve already explained this to you” which she hadn’t.
So she kindly gave me until the end of the day to decide….haha
So I did some research and it seemed it was a scam so I left it alone. Now a week later I get a call again. I let it go to voicemail. The message was from a different voice but saying much the same thing. So I called back (which I shouldn’t have) but I finally got the name Rossi, Deluca & Associates as the name of the company calling me. So I did a web search. At first the site looked legit but then I noticed some typos and now I feel pretty confident that it’s a total scam! I’d love to know how to bust these jerks!!. I demand Prosecute. Stay away

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