Rouge Restaurant Houston Texas


Complaint: Called Xavier told him would like to take fiance out for nice dinner. Found restaurant through that offers 25 dollar coupons. Showed up at restaurant, ate food- nothing spectacular. Gave coupon to waiter- waiter came back and told me they do not honor coupon- asked to see manager- manager made scene in front of other tables and embarrassed fiance and I. Told me this is not the correct coupon. Xavier Borchowski was rude and confrontational- raised voice and said I’m sorry but this is no good here. Filed report with– Would not have chosen his restaurant if he did not advertise with the coupon to entice people to eat at his restaurant. Manager Xavier called me and accused me of being cheap and petty for what I ordered and for filing a complaint- I spent 85 dollars at his restaurant! Told him all I wanted was him to prove he honored his coupons that he advertises with. He told me that my coupon was printed on a ratty piece of paper. He informed me that I was cheap and treated my girlfriend bad for taking her out on a coupon. Last complaint was that he told me not to come to his restaurant again. Food was ok but not 85 dollars worth. Much better places in Houston to eat and knowing my money supports his behavior makes me sick. The last straw was when Xavier contacted the requesting removal of his unsatifactory rating because he claims he resolved the matter with me. I guess calling the customer cheap and petty is resolving the problem in his book. BUYER BEWARE!~ MUCH BETTER FOOD IN HOUSTON! Bryan Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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Address: 812 Westhimer Rd. Houston, Texas U.S.A.


Phone: 713-5207955

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