Roxana Woehrle – Brooklyn, New York New York


On October of 2015 my husband started having an affair with Roxana Woehrle but he let her know he was married. After 2 weeks of having sex with my husband she told him she loved him and that he was her happily ever after. Within 2 months of being together she asked him to move in with her but he didn’t want to. Just 3 months of being together she came to my house to confront me but my husband answered the door and did not let her speak to me. On Valentine’s Day my husband confessed about the affair and broke it off with her for a few days. However she didn’t stop contacting him and he stupidly continued. On February 21, 2016 I found out he was still seeing her and I kicked him out and he went to go stay with her. He said Roxana told him to put an order of protection against me and he refused because there was no reason for that, I never attacked him! She also asked him to changed his bank, driver license, passport etc. and told him to file for divorce. He said he was not ready to divorce me and he couldn’t afford a divorce anyway. On February 26 he came home because she kicked him out of her apartment because he refused her demands. Again I thought it was over. Roxana didn’t leave him alone and told him she still wanted to be with him so he left again but not to her apartment. She set him up with someone to rent him a room in her neighborhood. She told him he can live with her if he would at least see a divorce lawyer. He lived in the rented room for only a week and relented and saw a divorce lawyer to appease her ( I didn’t know this at the time we will get to that later). He thought just talking to the lawyer would shut her up but when they showed up at the lawyer’s office she whipped out $400 from her own pocket as a down payment for the divorce because she knew he didn’t want to do it. On March 14 they broke up again and he came home. I was happy when he came home but their affair was not over. I knew my husband was still seeing Roxana and I had enough of it. On April 14, 2016 when he went to work I changed my cell phone number and changed the locks on my front door. Then I looked up her address 303 99th St Apt 2E Brooklyn, NY 11209 and packed all his things and went to her apartment to drop it off. She answered the door and invited me in. My husband told me she would beg him to have sex with her and there was no privacy since her daughters would always walk in on them. I didn’t know what he meant till I saw that her bed was in the living room!!! It was a 1 bedroom apartment and her daughters had the only bedroom. Her whole attitude surprised me. She seemed downright cheerful in an evil way. I told Roxana that I refuse to have my husband have sex with the both of us and I was not sharing him. I told her she can have him I was done. She said she thought it was ok with me since I allowed him to go out all the time and not be with me on the holidays. She even threw in my face that he was with her instead of me on my birthday. I couldn’t believe she knew when my birthday was! She said that if she was his wife she wouldn’t allow him to go out without her. I told her that is not like me, I trusted him and there is nothing wrong with going out without your spouse sometimes. Roxana bad mouthed my husband and was making fun of him and laughing. She told me her nickname for him was liar. She said when I call him over I say, “Come here, Liar.” She said she calls him a “drama queen” to his face and she was laughing it up. I thought, what woman in her right mind would laugh and be joyful when meeting the wife of the man she is screwing? Roxana took out her cellphone and tried to force me over and over again to take her phone to read texts he sent her and the photos they took together. I felt reading the texts was unnecessary. What is the point? Obviously I know about the affair, so her making me look at his texts only served to hurt me more. Roxana kept shoving her phone in my face laughing and saying “Read it!” “Look at the poem he sent me!” “Did you read the whole poem?” “Here read this other text!” When she saw I wouldn’t take her phone to read the texts she read them aloud to me. She asked to see texts he sent me so I showed her one where he wrote me that he was sorry about the affair and that he still loved me. She then grabbed the phone out of my hand! I was so uncomfortable! I took the phone back and then she said, “Is there any more texts he sent you?” I said yes and I started to read aloud another text he sent me and she grabbed the phone out of my hand again! This was when I first heard about divorce. Roxana told me my husband didn’t want to be with me. She then lied and said my husband had already filed for divorce when all that really happened was she put a down payment for the lawyer’s service. I was confused and I told he never said anything about divorcing me and I have not been served divorce papers. I told her I was devastated and had tears in my eyes and I told her her never had an affair in our 8 years of marriage (remember this part we will get back to this). I also said I was always there for him even after he got laid off at his job and I supported him for years until he got back on his feet. After I said that I couldn’t believe what Roxana said to me, “Let me ask you a question. Why?” I was baffled by her question. Wouldn’t any loving wife support her husband especially when he lost his job? I answered her, “Because I love him”. She just gave me a cold stare and said she would never support him. I make jewelry and my husband had took a sterling silver pendant I made and gave it to her. I wanted it back so I told her he shouldn’t of gave my jewelry to her. She said, “Was it your pendant or was it one that you made for your business?” I told her it was mine that I made it for myself. Roxana did not offer to give it back to me, she just gave me a cold stare. I said, “What kind of woman would want jewelry that belonged to another woman?” Again, just the silent cold stare. I was sitting on her couch totally sad and distraught and she went back to being carefree and laughing. She pointed at flowers on her dining room table and said, “He gave those to me, ugh I’m going to throw it away.” She held out her hand and said, “Look at the ring he bought me” totally showing it off to make me feel like shit. She pointed to her wall and said, “When I kicked him out before I packed all his stuff and put it all right there.” She was gloating! She was insinuating that my husband was so in love with her but she not so much with him. When I was leaving I told her I would bring all his stuff in from the hallway and she said, “I don’t want that shit in here.” I couldn’t believe my husband could be with someone who belittled him, didn’t respect him and be such a cold heartless bitch. Roxana treated my husband bad during this 2 week stay with her (GOOD FOR HIM). He said she was mean and cold towards him. She was reprimanding him like a child about the most trivial things. Roxana was always going into his pockets and stole money and even took his prescription. She found his work keys and accused him of having the keys to our house even though I told her I changed the locks. She accused him of having my new cell phone number when he didn’t. She accused him of coming to my house to see me. She went out with her friends without him. The following weekend she went out without him again and didn’t answer his calls and texts all night. He knew she was seeing another man. On April 29, 2016 he came home and told me he sat her down and told her he was not divorcing me and he left her and came home. He gave me passwords to his phone account online and emails to try to win my trust back. She was upset that he left her to come back home. She emailed me all the texts he had sent her that I refused to read in her apartment. Roxana always called me the “n” word and told him it was disgusting that he was married to a black woman. He explained to her that my dad is from the same country as her (my father is from Colombia and she is from Peru my mom is from Puerto Rico) but she said I was gross because my skin was black. May 6th she posts a picture of a monkey on her Facebook page and insinuated it was me. I reported the photo to her job and they instructed her to remove the photo since she affiliated herself to the NYC Health & Hospital she works at on her Facebook page but she never took the photo down. June 18th she posts a photo of a shirt that I made that my husband gave her during the affair to antagonize me. During the same month she sent the sheriff over to our house to serve my husband with papers which we assume were order of protection even though he has not contacted her since their breakup. The whole time she was sleeping with my husband and trying to force him to divorce me she she had a boyfriend that she has been with since February 2016 which she happily posted on her Facebook page. It looks like Roxana is with another married man since she never posts any photos of his face on Facebook. Roxana Woehrle has an interesting past. I spoke to Roxana’s younger daughter’s father and he said when she got pregnant to their daughter she never told him she was married to her first husband at the time. I spoke to the daughter to her other ex husband and was told she married her dad for to get a green card and emptied his bank account. When he filed for divorce for her stealing and cheating on him she accused him of abuse refused to leave his house. He went to court and the judge found her abuse claim false and ordered her to leave his house. When she still refused the police had to be called and she was arrested. She lost her visa because of that whole ordeal and now she can’t visit her country. Roxana sleeps with multiple men at the same time and keeps a case of vaginal douche in her home. She has Tuberculosis and she does not practice safe sex. She frequents bars in the Bay Ridge area in Brooklyn especially the Wicked Monk. She always makes the first move with men. In fact I saw her there recently making out and rubbing her body all over a current victim. She lures men in with her freaky sex practices. Roxana likes being tied to the bed, screams her head off during sex, leaves bleeding scratches and hickeys on her victims. This woman is evil and I feel sorry for anyone who encounters this piece of trash. Here is all the proof on her page>

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