Roxanne Purnell – Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


After a 19 year relationship 6 of those married. This girl destroyed a happy home due to her hunger for his money to support her drug habit. During those two years his wife supported him working full time and in school for engineering. She began to prey on him during this time. As he lied endlessly letting her believe he had money. Meanwhile he was letting his family be evicted. His wife pay multiple times to get his cars out of repo while he sat on his ass talking to her. She is known to destroy marriages and relationships for money because she can not keep a job. Even stealing from her employers. She has made it to where his kids what nothing to do with him anymore. And then bragged to me about how proud she is of her accomplishments in destroying a happy home yet again. This girl needs stopped. Her addiction is not only hurting her family but others as well.

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