Royal Holiday Club Elizabeth New Jersey Review


My parents purchased this stupid timeshare when I sent them to Cancun, Mexico for there 25th wedding anniversary. They thought they were giving back to my brother and I because the trip had a been a surprise for them. Unfortunately, this has been nothing more than an added expense and horrible service. Web had this thing since Aug of 1996 and have only used it a half a dozen times. Every time we try to use what my parents were promised , “nothing is available””

when we finally were able to reserve something we had to pay additional “”fees”” to get what my parents were originally promised to begin with. AND NOW we have to constantly pay “”Special Assessment Fees”” because we are in an economic turmoil. are you kidding me!!! I have contacted customer service to get out of this stupid thing and all they say is “” you have to sell it on your own”” I replied to rep on the phone”” I have tried 4 times and pay and lost posting fees FOUR TIMES and no one wants to buy this stupid thing”” when ask to speak to a Manager the rep replied “” there is no reason for you speak to a manager or my supervisor because they will only tell you the same thing

you have to pay the fees and if you don’t we will send collections after you and will ultimately damage your credit””. I have no idea where to go from here. I want out and don’t even care about the $15k and all the fees we have paid to date anymore. I just want to stop. If anyone has any idea what I can do about this. Please e-mail nIsabelnElizabeth

New JerseyU.S.A.” Nationwide Mexico

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