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Complaint: We Are Justice DoGood We are writing to help others (probably you, the one reading this) avoid this particular man, Angelo Senat and his girlfriend, Bianca Alexis. In collecting information from various individuals including people who have pooled together family savings, we have found a disturbing pattern. HOW HE CONTACTS u201cPROSPECTSu201d Angelo approaches people using his fancy Royal Jets business card (, and claims to be a very successful businessman. In reality, Royal Jets is an airplane arbitrage business. As of the writing on this date, even on his website, it states u201cRoyal Jets does not own or operate any aircrafts. Royal Jets acts solely as an agent for our Royalty Members.u201d Over time, he lures you in with his stories of making millions in real estate in the nearby NY area and will try to setup meetings with you. He will present himself as if heu2019s just trying to help you and heu2019s doing you a favor by introducing you to his amazing methods. Once you get you stuck into a contract, he will make LLC companies based in New York like u201cA&S Propertiesu201d or u201cA&Tu201d, u201cAu201d representing his name and the u201cTu201d or u201cSu201d representing yours. He will then switch his email to one of his u201cotheru201d companies: Royal Jets [email protected] Royal Jets Revol [email protected] Revo Digital Fair Ride, LLC u2013 his holding company for his real estate deals HOW HE OPERATES If you do get into a deal with him, he will lure you along for months, sometimes years, as you can see from the previous poster and in our interviews with the affected victims. Thanks for the original victim who decided to do something about it. ( If you back out, he will post something like this on his very image-based Instagram account, pj_lyfe pj_lyfeIf I gave you an opportunity and you didnu2019t follow up, Donu2019t call me asking whatu2019s up. You should never sell a good product or service. Simply present it. That

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