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I met Rick Gevers online. (Huge mistake from the beginning) I happened to be looking for someone to install tile flooring in my house. He said his company RTG Roofing also did flooring. He gave me a good price and I picked out some tile. He requested payment by check. I didn’t have any checks at the time so I paid with two credit cards. After almost a month of no tiles arriving and so many excuses as to why they had not arrived, I told him I wanted to cancel my order. After almost two weeks of not receiving a refund I went to my credit card companies and had the charges reversed, with an affidavit stating I never received the tile or installation from Rick Gevers or RTG Roofing. Rick Gevers did the ultimate, he contacted by credit card companies and stated he did in fact install the tile in my home and wanted my money reversed back to him. He lied and falsafied bank documents to get my money. During this timeframe, I filed a BBB complaint against him and his company. Funny, in his response, he stated he never installed the tile in my home, contradicting his statements to my credit card companies. With that information sen to my credit card companies, Rick Gevers never got my money reversed back to him. LADIES, DO NOT be swayed by him. Oh, and please, please, please DON’T write him a check. If i had written him a check, I would have never seen my money again. Rick Gevers is a liar and con artist. He makes people believe he is honest and trust worthy. He is not. Don’t fall for his con. .

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