RTI- Resort Travel International Manchester New Hampshire Review


If these people ever call you about helping you rent your timeshare… stay away. I paid $1200 for them to have access to 4 weeks of vacation time at the end of Nov 2015. It is now Sept 2016 and they have done nothing. They have sent me inquiries but those were 4 weeks out from the date they sent me for a Florida vacation. I knew the places would be booked. Then they sent me inquiries that would start on a wed to wed (no timeshare starts on those days) All in all they have sent me in the last 10 months 9 inquires. I will say one time there was a match but they told me that they couldn’t come to a price to rent. At that time, I would have taken any amount of money to get some of my $1200 back. I have tried calling and emailing and have not gotten an answer back and if I do get someone on the phone they say how sorry they are and that they will send out more inquires within the week, I have not seen anything. So bottom line they are a scam, stay away!!!!!! Chris, Manchester, NH

108 Commerce Street Suite 105 Lake Mary, Florida USA



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