Ruined my precious rug!


Some things hold sentimental values that no amount of money can buy or replace. It is not about the price of that thing but the emotions attached to it. When I was a kid, my father told me about the rugs which were precious to him. I saw him taking the utmost care of it every time it had to be washed or cleaned. When we moved to our new house, somehow the rug got damaged. I had never seen my father more upset before. He told me that his father had gifted him those rugs when we moved into our first house. It was the last gift from my grandfather. One of my friends informed me that there are places that fix and clean rugs. I wanted to get the rugs back to their original condition and thus I searched online for such places nearby. One of the few names that appeared on the screen was Babash Rug Service. I read a few reviews online and decided to go to that place with the rugs. I checked the timings listed and decided to visit the place during working hours.
The very next day, I went to the place in the afternoon. I went inside and approached an employee of the place. I showed him the rugs and told him about my requirements. Without even taking a proper look, he told me that they did not provide such kind of services. I was on my way out when another person approached me and told me to hand him over the rugs. He took a good look and told me that I would need to pay extra money if I wanted to get the rugs back to a proper condition. He told me that they were really ‘messed up’ and that it would take a lot of work to fix them. I was willing to pay any amount of money but my only requirement was proper service. I was assured of the quality of the craftsmen and the equipment. I walked out of that place happy and assured of the fact that I would not be disappointed. I did not even have a shred of doubt about the place at that moment. Little did I know then that I would regret that decision for the rest of my life.
After a week, I went to the place on the date stated in my slip. I had already paid the whole amount and all I had to do was to go there and collect my rugs. When I was handed the rugs, they were in an even worse condition. It seemed that had used a chemical that was strong which led to discolouration. They were small holes present too. When I angrily inquired about this, I was told that ‘they (the rugs) were beyond saving’. Neither was I given any refund nor any apology was presented to me.
If you ever need to go to a place to get your rugs cleaned or fixed, the last place to go on earth would be Babash Rug Service.

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