Run Local Locksmith Austin Texas Review


We live in Austin, TX area and we had a terrible experience with Run Local Smith also. My car ignition wouldn’t turn so i couldnt start my van. After struggling trying to unlock it we finally called this company. The guy charged us 191 dollars for 15 minute work. At first he sprayed some lubrucant in the ignition and tried moving the wheel. The air conditioner turned on, he quickly turned it off. Why? It only cicked me later that maybe the wheel had been unlocked already. But he tried to hide it. Then he said he needs to take out the ignition and clean it and will work like brand new. Well, guess what?! A month later the wheel locks again and this time nothing helps: not lubrucant, nothing… We call the company asking about the warranty policy.. And they say that its only 2 weeks. Can you believe it? In the receipt he wrote ignition fix. If he fixed it shouldn’t it last a little bit longer than 2 weeks?! Or do they expect us to pay $ 200 every 2 weeks? Please always inquire about the warranty. That was a pricey lesson for us. Rip off company, thats all i can say.

26636 Van Dyke Ave Centeline, Michigan United States of America



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