Ruth Alvarez aka Maria Nieves – Bronx, New York New York


Ruth Alvarez aka Maria Nieves is a homewrecker she purposely relentlessly pursued a married man destroyed a 24 year marriage/relationship destroyed a family knowing he was married but didn’t care and even paid for a trip as she manipulated him into filing for divorce..… She hurt 4 innocent children … She pushed her way to try to see those children who have emotional issues but when one of them was at her hotel door she stated there was no one there by that name. She is horrible mother to her own children to bring strange men to her home … She stole a husband who was still married to and convinced him he doesn’t owe the mother anything and shouldn’t pay child support because when she had her kids for the short time she did she never asked for child support for her 7 children which isn’t true since court records show she did… She is an evil lying manipulating homewrecker, whom I can’t wait for Karma to hit.

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