Ruth Ann Conley – Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee


This “celebrity” woman Ruth Ann Conley, married at least four times and says, “this time it’s for real” has been sleazing with formerly loving family man Terry Downing. The lead of “Swamp Grass Revival” is the scum that floats atop the swamp and drug her hooks into Terry like a python in the ‘glades strangles water pigs. The “best” part of this is her amazing BIBLE THUMPING ALL THE WAY HOME. Oh yes, she’s a top flight Christian and boy by her posts you would think this angel had nothing to hide. Actually she doesn’t as she is unapologetic about breaking up the family. Terry has now become part of the swamp scum. Terry I think you should hide your face and continue doing gigs down south where this crap got started. You two deserve each other. What a waste. I will no longer be supporting, following, or attending anything remotely concerning these two.

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