RV Mobile Medic ocean pond Alabama


Complaint: I called rv mobile medic to repair a power jack on my trailer. Jeff Kirkwood attended Rock Creek RV park and cut off the leg off my bent jack and said it was fine. I paid him on visa but when I went to move my camper I found out the jack is no longer long enough to lift my trailer level. I conplained to Jeff and he advised he would return to fix the problem free of charge. It is now. 2 months later and despite calling and leaving messages and emails he has not returned to fix the jack. I corned him in the park one day and asked when he would be over to do the repair and he said he had to grab a sandwich and would be right there….needless to say he never showed up. I called him and he told me I am not a priority for him. Jeff Kirkwood is a liar and a fraud. He will take your money and never return to complete the work. Bill Canada

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Address: USA

Website: RV Mobile Medic, LLC 2013

Phone: 9415388256

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