Saben Quarter Horses Review


I’m one of seller on Ebay who work from home. Grap some great deal from garage sell or local deal and sell on ebay to make little money for the milk for my kid. So Last a couple of week, I found somebody sell a couple of make up kit called Tarteist Pro Eye Shadow so I think I can make money from sell it on ebay. | This Lady bought Tarteist from me and inform me that it is not authentic so I contact her back and let her know that I did not know that the product is not authentic but I will take responsibility for it, I will send a full refund and she can keep the product / don’t have to return. And ask her if she can revise the feedback for me. She said no problem will do it right away as soon as she recieve a full refund. | I do it right away. Money has been sent but since she receive the refund. I keep ask her to revise feedback as she promised but there is never happen. Not respond at all. | And she called me Cheat Steal and Lie!! What do you think!? Who is cheat steal and Lie when I take care and stand behind my product and keep my word and she is not. | I don’t care much about $20 but if you have to deal with Elizabeth Kelly / Saben at Saben Quarter Horses, you better be aware, If she can cheat steal and lie for $20 from me and not keep her word, not do what she said she gonna do then you better be aware when you have to deal business with people like this their word can’t be trust…. I will not take risk to do business with people that can cheat steal and lie for $20 |


  • Name: Saben Quarter Horses
  • Country: United States
  • State: Iowa
  • City: Danville
  • Address: 14794 205th Ave
  • Phone: (319) 392-4113
  • Website:

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