Sac County Attorney Review


December 18, 2017 sac county iowa — prosecutor of iowa’s sac county ben smith has agreed to pay ed magedson founder of the consumer advocacy website Yscam $750,000 to settle a 1983 civil rights lawsuit accusing smith of abusing his office and breaching civil rights protected under the first amendment. | Xcentric’s complaint against smith a federal judge in 2015 ordered smith to stop investigating magedson and issued a preliminary injunction in a rare ruling against a criminal investigation. | Preliminary injunction ruling a federal judge in iowa found magedson’s case against smith likely to prevail in a trial. | Smith admits to no wrongdoing or liability, but the sac county’s risk pool paid the settlement fee to avoid trial. | The years-long lawsuit, xcentric ventures llc and ed magedson v. Ben smith in individual capacity as sac county attorney, was filed in relation to the tracy richter murder trial, a case that got national and international media coverage due to its sensational nature. In 2001, richter, a mother of three, shot dustin wehde in her home. Richter told police that two men had entered her home and tried to assault her, and that she had shot at them in self-defense. The man that was shot, wehde, has been a neighbor and a family acquaintance known to richter’s then-husband. | The sac country prosecutor at the time decided not to charge richter for homicide. Richter was later hailed by the media as a courageous mother who defended herself and her children against a violent home invasion. She appeared on several prominent news shows and raised funds for her legal defense after wehde’s family filed a civil liability case that was later dropped. When smith became the prosecutor of the county nearly 10 years later, he decided to bring formal murder charges against richter. | Sac county iowa prosecutor ben smith | Smith’s decision was not without controversy. As the murder trial was ongoing, a man named darren meade came forward claiming to have evidence proving richter’s innocence. Smith dismissed meade’s claims and secured a conviction against richter. Meade published his claims on The website, founded by magedson, publishes complaints against Yscam services, brands, products, and public officials with the intention of promoting consumer rights and wrong doings to consumers.


  • Name: Sac County Attorney
  • Country: United States
  • State: Iowa
  • City: Sac
  • Address: 100 N W State St # 9
  • Phone: 712-662-4791
  • Website:

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