Saffron Tech Complaint


Company owner is well know that employees are not getting salary on time but still they do not do anything for this. There is no proper facilities of cab for night shifts Employees have to travel a lot in unsafe environment of “saidulajub” behind metro station and specially in “Sainik Farm Office”. The main problem is this company senior management is full of torture, they don”t give salary before 15 which almost half the month. If you want proof you can see employees last 4 months salaries. Hope they give salary on time one month but all the time they give salary after half the month. In past months most of the manager resign including me because of this salary and management torture. Owner are full money minded they also do fraud with clients and they have lot of negative words on foreign press release about saffron tech including ( cheated on them for the sake of making money. They make new websites like ( and fool the foreign clients which mean they are destroying our India”s image. becuae of this kind of company our reputation of India is going down. I have the proof of the foreign clients complaints. /link removed/ /link removed/ They manupulate the employee and give so many hopes when they join and after joing they always give you threat that they will fire you without any reason. specially senior level they play games with other seniors to make junior level fool and torture them with usless things. Senior management are including (Pritesh, Sam, Sabha, Ankur) They only want people to work as they want if someone try to do good thing so they stop that person and make him fool with unnecessary things and make him to resign. Specially HR including these four people they give executive designation on paper but they take always manager level work from that person and when person ask for increament or improve the designation on paper they torture them to resign. Which is happening from last past 6 months so many good employees resign because they give executive designation on paper but they take work like senior level. don”t think that i am saying lie here is the proof of other complaints.

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