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Complaint: I recently rented a home from Sainaam Realty and Investments, which is owned by Ravi Mohanka, and it was the worst experience of my life. I can afford to purchase a home, but I rent because I move regularly for work, and I have been renting on my own for the last 11 years, and never had a problem, until I had to deal with this company. I finally received my deposit back after over 3 months of negotiations, as I was trying to avoid going to court. They use slum lord tactics with their rentals. As soon as they have a signed lease, it becomes next to impossible to get them to hold up their end of the lease. They do just enough so that you would have a hard time breaking the lease if you wanted to. I should have known from the beginning to get out, but my wife was pregnant with our first child and we had already packed our things and gotten to the new place. Just like the other reviewer on here, I was promised that the house would be ready on my move in date. A month before, I had looked at the house, and it needed a long list of things fixed or installed, such as an oven, water heater, and washer/dryer, but I was promised it would be done. I had to drive 50 mins away from the house to pick up the keys, they don’t do walkthroughs on move in day, and then I went to see the house. Nothing was done, no water heater, no oven, and there were dead bugs all over the floor. I was in shock, but we had to move in the next day as we had nowhere else to stay. I cleaned up the place and moved our stuff in. It took them the next two weeks to have the necessities installed, like the water heater and oven. It took them another month to fix everything else, like the old moldy caulk in the guest bathroom and the broken dishwasher. After that, things kept going wrong, like toilets leaking and the water going out again. Each time they would take days to respond and then they would send out people who were not qualified to fix the things they were fixing. When my lease was over, they sent a woman with a digital camera who came and took pictures of every inch of the house, and she told me she was under instructions to find anything that could be wrong with the house, obviously so they could keep as much of the security deposit as possible. I had the place professionally cleaned and everything was 10x nicer than when I moved in so they couldnu2019t keep anything for that, but they tried to charge me $700 for unpaid utility bills. I never asked for them to pay for my water and sewer, and I paid the majority of them, but the owner paid a few anyway before I had the chance to, Iu2019m not sure why. The owner only paid about $290 worth, but they tried to charge me almost $700, so I had to dig up all the paperwork myself and show them what he paid, and what I paid, because they donu2019t respond quickly, this took over 3 months. They owed me $3,200 for 3 months and were still unresponsive, it was the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with, but they finally paid up because I threatened court and they knew they had no case, and would have had to pay my lawyeru2019s fees and possibly excess damages. Do not deal with these unethical/incompetent people and if for some reason you decide to, keep all records, take a lot of pictures and get ready to go to court if you have to. Iu2019ve set up an email account regarding this, if anyone has any questions, email (((Redacted))).

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Address: 9100 Belvedere Road #114 Royal Palm Beach , Florida USA


Phone: (561) 784-8353

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