Sally Mills – Essex, California California


Sally Mills of Essex worked with my husband and gave him a sob story of how she was a rape victim, contacting him on his work phone out of  office hours with the pretence she was scared, of course they had an affair, nights in hotels supposedly on business. Even leaving small items in his car and overnight bag (hairbands/cards/lube/photos etc). My husband then realised what he was doing and that she wanted me to find out and came clean with me. He then tried to end it with her (even though he knew he had broken our family of 4 young children and I had told him it was over).  However she told him she was pregnant, he had a vasectomy after I fell for our 4th but had not told her. Turns out she was pregnant with another man’s child but seems she was going to pass the child off as my husbands.  Clearly she was trying to extract money from him. Last I know she was with someone and had another child. I’ve let this go for years but a friend who knows her friend has told me she is now doing the exact same thing again. I don’t know who with but hope they google her this will come up in the search and they come to thier senses before she destroys another family beside mine and her own. She is after money for sure only going with men who have managerial positions.  She did me a favour by showing I was married to a weak man but a lot of men are weak when sex is offered on a plate.

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