Sally S. Benson P.A. Review


Last year, an elderly woman mrs. knill married to John zempleni a second marriage for over 35 years retained Sally Benson as her attorney who is guiding her to divorce her husband and Mrs. Zempleni does not have the funds so she says and sally benson filed the petition and Mr. Zempleni was not even knowing that Mrs. Zempleni was going to divorce him and Ms. Sally Benson is assuring Mrs. Zempleni that she will win and it will be over this year. | Mrs. Sally Benson has been guiding mrs. Zempleni and her daughter Mary ann dax in how to manuver through process leadiong them to believe this is in the best interest of this couple to be divorced. Mrs. Zempleni has her children influencing her directly. Mr. Zempleni was not even aware that he was even served the summons and to discover the petition for dissolution was discovered by a family member. So it appeared to be that he would miss the 20 days to respond to the petition. | Ms. Benson is leading Mrs Zempleni to believe that being divorced is in her best interest and Mrs. Zempleni does not really understand what is going on. This couple do not have enough assets or income to keep them pay expensive attorney fees, and Mr. Zempleni had to get an attorney with assitance so that Mrs. Zempleni would not take everything from him as she attempted to do so in 2012. | At that time she was guided by Andrew Curtis esq, and an fiancial advisor Ron Thompson to take all the assets and put Mr. Zempleni in a long term nursing facilities so that she would not have to spend the money on Mr. Zempleni. Its totaly unethical for this couple to divorce as their assets will be depleted by attorney expenses which they will need for their medical expenses and costs now as they are elderly.


  • Name: Sally S. Benson P.A.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Palm Beach Gardens
  • Address: 11211 Prosperity Farms Rd Ste C111
  • Phone: 561-691-4702
  • Website:

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