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Complaint: Salvation Army = SLAVE NATION ARMY! Im going to try to open your eyes the publics eyes – and minds – to the biggest charity scam operation based in southeastern Michigan. I hope my revelations may encourage someone to do something to stop the plundering of the public under the guise of a Christian-based charity! Im speaking as a beneficiary of the Salvation Army Southeast Michigan Adult Rehabilitation Center. What I hope to expose is based on my observations, experiences and investigations of the Salvation Armys so-called rehabilitation program and the operations of thrift stores as an insider. I have read numerous reports from various sources on the internet, and other sources, and I empathize with all those who have filed negative reports/complaints about the Salvation Army in various forums. But all I can report on is the S.E. MI A.R.C., and its operations. I am myself, a victim of this organizations atrocious behaviors. Im willing to do my best to ensure this information will also be dispersed throughout numerous public forums, including: the internet, as many governmental, civil rights and news agencies as it takes to force a full investigation of the entire Salvation Army organization and to prompt appropriate action be taken to correct the wrongs this so-called Christian, non-profit charity has perpetrated against those truly seeking help and to the general public. What I have learned in my time there is that the abuse of the publics trust and the mistreatment of all who seek recovery from their addictions is exploited by the Salvation Army nationally, if not globally. The Salvation Army has two rehab (Adult Rehabilitation Center) centers in this area the Detroit center is all male and the Romulus center is all female. The organization also operates thirty-four retail stores and a number of warehousing centers in the area. I am a beneficiary at the Detroit center. A beneficiary can be best described as someone who is attempting to recover from an addiction, homelessness, joblessness, alcoholism, or any other alienation from family and society. Some beneficiaries are walk-in (those who seek recovery under their own volition), and court-ordered those who are forced into the program by the Department of Corrections as an alternative to probation and/or parole prerogatives. Non-the-less, they are people who may be seeking a way to better themselves and their lives. During the intake process at the center, the question is raised as to whether a potential beneficiary has a Bridge (food stamp) debit-EBT card. If so, the card must be relinquished. If not, the intake director makes arrangements to obtain one (it is guaranteed that the food stamp debit card will be approved due to the Salvation Armys deal with the Family Independence Agency & Health and Human Services departments). It is explained that is how your stay at the center will be paid for, and, very well, may be food stamp FRAUD. Because the cardholder has no longer any control how the debit card may be usedbut has been coerced into relinquishing that control to the Salvation Army. Residing at the Salvation Army is not free! You are then told that the program is not a rehab program, but a work therapy program! And, it is explained, that is another part of the way that your stay at the center is paid for. The S.E. MI A.R.C. administration has the audacity to call it work therapy, but it is actually slave labor. The beneficiaries are DOING THE MOST WORK! Beneficiaries are the back bone of this organization, although much of the general public has been duped into believing they are volunteers. Most of the work is done in numerous areas by the beneficiaries with little or no recognition and no real compensation at all. And, the beneficiaries are treated as if they are sub-human at the job sites. If a person is court-ordered to participate in the ARC program, the Salvation Army receives payment from the Department of Corrections. That way, the Salvation Army is profiting three ways on court-ordered beneficiaries! The organization obtains the Bridge-EBT card, gets free labor and receives a reimbursement from the court system/Department of Corrections. Any area, or department a beneficiary is assigned to is included in that departments operating budget and a salary value is attached. It is just another way the ARC can get another revenue-earning deduction which is included in operating costs. The beneficiary does not get a salary, the Salvation Army gets to report the salary, and the Salvation Army gets to cook the books on operating costs in its annual report. I believe a closer look at the organizations books should be taken by a legitimate governmental oversight agency on a continued basis to guarantee the legitimacy of this organizations reports. I do not believe the Salvation Army would survive such scrutiny. We (beneficiaries who are hoping for recovery from our shortcomings) expect to be treated like human beings, not used to reap a profit for a corrupt organization, not exploited, not violated, disregarded, discriminated against, harassed, flagrantly punished, denied our freedom of speech, denied our freedom of privacy, treated like criminals, regarded as having no credibility whatsoever and subjected to psychological abuse – brainwashing…ormost importantly, forced into indentured servitude! Slavery!! It is really human trafficking practiced by an organization that claims to be opposed to it. Human trafficking (also referred to as trafficking in persons or TIP) is an umbrella term used to describe the process by which millions of people become enslaved each year. A widely accepted definition of TIP has been created by the United Nations (UN). The UN definition is as follows: “(a) ‘Trafficking in persons’ shall mean the recruitment

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