Sam Levitz Furniture Tucson Arizona Review


We purchased a very expensive leather “Natuzzi”” sectional couch and the sales associate recommended us the extended warranty

he told us that ANYTHING that happens to the couch would get fixed or replaced. He said that if we were to take a knife and make holes all over the couch then they would just replace it. He told us that the year before the warranty expires people do this just to get a new couch. nOur concern wasn’t that

we have small children and we wanted the protection in case they were to take scissors or a permanent marker and ruin the couch. The sales person assured us that it was all coverd and for us not to worry. Well

I was having some problems with the coloring coming off the couch and then I was talking to a friend of mine that is having the same problem with the same couch. I told her that Sam Levitz is just giving me the runaround and that it’s not fair since I told them of this the day they delivered the product. My friend told me that the warranty doesn’t cover any of the things that they told us it would. I didn’t believe her and I called Sam Levitz myself and the sales person on the phone told me that what I was told wasn’t true and that any kind of misuse is not covered (including children drawing on it). I’ve had a share of problems with Sam Levitz before and I really didn’t want to purchase anything from them but the sales person assured me that the company made some changes. I feel that it’s completely unethical for the sales person to lie in order to just get a sale. We are paying top dollar for things and when the problem arises they don’t want to keep their promise. nKsenianTucson


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