Samantha Doores – Overland Park, Kansas Kansas


The brunett in this photo may look like your normal Kansas homegrown but she deserves so much more credit than that!? Not only did she screw my husband of 9 years for a year, she was completely happy with her sad pathetic self for her dirty deeds. Don’t get me wrong he is far from perfect… but she is supposed to be this smart Harvard Collage cookie but yet she’s not smart enough to keep her hands off of what’s not hers! She’s a drop out with no self respect or worth. She wants to lay her sob stories on thick… telling my husband she gets beat up all the time by her crazy boyfriend, making up lies about how she’s this damsel in distress. She should be viewed as nothing more than a cheating manipulator. She entered my home to sleep with my husband knowing it was not just my husband’s home and it was occupied by myself and 2 children. She wants to put 100% of the blame on him but sorry hun, you disrespected myself and my children when you made that horney decision. You want to call yourself an adult and a good woman… ummm keep dreaming!

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