Samantha Farrell – Goose Lake, Iowa Iowa


I have 3 years worth of terrible things this girl has done to try and ruin my family, but she’s not worth that much of my time. She claims to be a christian, but knew my spouse and I were engaged (for over a year and a half) and expecting our second child. That did not stop her from texting me the day before my wedding or calling my husband the morning of our wedding. I stupidly married him thinking she was just obsessed. The phone bill had 4 a.m. phone calls and hundreds of texts all when she knew he was working or just getting off work. It was pathetic! The picture above? She gave it to him to “remind him he could always be happy” and he kept it in his cars for months before I found it! We have been married for 2 months and I just found my husband’s secret phone and his only contact? This girl! On top of it, i just caught him at her house for almost 2 hours. Wonder what they were doing! For 3 years she has tried to ruin my family and she has finally succeeded.  Apparently, her getting my husband is way more important than my children growing up with their parents together. Congratulations! Keep him! We deserve better!

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