Samantha Ferrouillat – Mobile, Alabama Alabama


My husband and I were going through a rough patch and had separated. He started seeing this girl because she used sympathy to get to him. We decided to reconcile our marriage and he ended things with her. After about a week and a half she reappears and will not leave him alone. She constantly puts thoughts in his brain against me to get him back. He ended things with her 3 separate times to come back to his family but she will not stop interfering. She was caught offering to perform sexual favors for 2 of his friends! We get back together once again and buy a house together and here she comes once again. Now I am stuck trying to pay for a house I can’t afford with 2 kids involved. He is too blind to see that she is doing this to spite me. This woman doesn’t even have custody of her own children because dhr took them away from her. What a wonderful person.

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