Samantha Fox – Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado


Talk about a HOMEWRECKER. Samantha Fox is one of the biggest in Colorado Springs. She spread her legs for anyone that shows her attention. Each one of her babies dad’s left her, there has to be some reason why they did. Every one of her kids have different daddies and the only way she thinks she can trap a man is to have a baby by them. My husband is no better, and let me say that she really moved up in the world of men, NOT, when she trapped my husband by having a baby with him. She’s now with a child rapist and molester and someone that did incest to his niece. Yep, and her and my husband paid someone 300.00 to beat me up and shave my head. They’re a real bunch of stand up ppl. Watch out for your man, she’ll be after him too and spread her legs for him.

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