Samantha Kerr – Houston, Texas Texas


So this bitch wanna be mad Because she trying to cuff a married man. I’m a woman about mine unlike this hoe who wanna talk just to talk white dirty hoe. My husband had to block her off every social media while also blocking her off his phone stalking bitch callin him from different numbers every day because she was blocked. Thisty trick. I was ignoring the hoe till she wanna post shit and think I won’t see it bitch you ain’t never gonna be nothing else then what you are now you always gonna be the side line hoe ain’t no man finna cuff your dirty ass… You ain’t nothing but a dirty trick.move the fuck around hoe he is my husband your ass be sitting there blowing him up off different phones cause he keep blocking yo ass so fuckin pathetic. Women watch this hoe she just mad cause my man know what a real woman is and it ain’t her ass. Talk all the shit you want cause he in my house,my bed and car and all in me every day and night. Got a problem bitch you know my number. Keep my name and my husband name out yo mouth.

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