Samantha Lewis – Gloucester, Massachusetts Massachusetts


So Samantha Lewis thinks it’s OK to use every guy she goes with. She uses each man for whatever they have and she is in the mood for. There has not been one guy she hasn’t done this too. She also won’t break up with the guy she’s with until she cheats on them and makes sure she has a back up because she is scared to be alone. I know this because I just spent five years with her to have her cheat on me behind my back with a new guy she met at work, a job a begged her to take because it was a great opportunity for her… and she repays me by cheating and now because I don’t make as much as this guy and the biggest part is as soon as a guy shows her attention she will cheat on this new guy she cheated on me with. So if you are out and you met Samantha Lewis do yourself a favor and stay TF away from her. She will use you and cheat on you and then tell you that it’s not you it’s her. She doesn’t know what she wants when really she got what she wanted from you and now it’s time for her to use the next guy.

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