Sammi Bocko – Warsaw, Indiana Indiana


This is Sammi Bocko. She decided to start talking too and fuck my boyfriend of 5 years, when I was 9 months pregnant with our second son. She knew we were together. I told her we were together. She then proceeded to do the same shit she was. Him and I of course broke up. Then she turns around and is abusive asf to him. Treats him like garbage. Breaks up with him every other day. (Not exadorating) And is CONSTANTLY still 17 months later… sending me pictures of him and her SON. Not his. Rubbing it in my face he wants her kid and not our kids. Says nasty shit about sexual things. Sends me videos of them. Pictures. Then turns around and acts innocent asf too the public. She is the definition of a undercover homewrecking cunt. Oh, and not to mention… my family is NOT the only family she has done this to. It’s her like 4th time.

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