Sammi Jo Masley – Beckley, West Virginia West Virginia


Sammi Jo Masley trades her body for drugs, works as a street walker and works the trucker lots in town. She cheats on every guy she gets with. Neglects her child so she can shoot dope and have sex with any and everybody. Admits to sleeping with police to get out of trouble, will rob your home, car, your spouse, your kids and steals from her own family. She is a constant liar who says she doesn’t do drugs, says every guy she has been with beats her up, shares needles, shares her body for drugs, money, motel rooms or a place to stay then robs it or them. She will sleep with your husband, your sons, daughters, boyfriend or even your grandpa. Can’t be trusted. Also is a manipulative liar who will ask for work then rob the job she works at.

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