Sammy Byrd – Crystal River, Florida Florida


So, Sammy Byrd was married to his wife for several years. He lied to her, cheated on her (multiple times with many women, such as Kat, Dana, etc.), cleaned out his wife’s bank account and moved in with the whore/homewrecker Katherine Brooks. He then tried leaving Katherine Brooks to go back to his wife, telling her he ‘fucked up’. He said she was abusive, mean to the kids, on drugs really bad, etc. His wife didn’t take him back. Katherine Brooks then messaged his wife telling her to never talk to ‘her man again, it was ruining their relationship’. She has been arrested for drugs, she is the epitomy of nasty. She tells people ‘He didn’t love his wife’, therefore trying to excuse being a homwrecking whore. She and Sam Byrd can both enjoy each other for the rest of their lives. She has already slapped him, kicked him out, then promised to buy him a new car to get him back.

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