SamsungElectronics America Inc Phoenix Arizona Review


Samsung appliances are inherently defective AND THEY KNOW IT. Online research has shown MANY MANY complaints about how the (specifically refrigerators) break down NUMEROUS times. IF repaired, there’ll be ANOTHER repair needed shortly. Specifically, side by side refrigerators RS models historically “randomly”” change temperature settings in freezer & refrigerator sides… ie. today my refrigerator is 72 degrees….nice if I want to WARM my food. Appliance repair companies in Arizona are even hesitant or REFUSE to service Samsung since their service support is horrible & obtaining parts from elsewhere in the country is way too time consuming….Even the support to repair technicians is outrageously poor it’s like a game Let’s try THIS or Let’s try that….They have had SOOOOOO MANY of the SAME problems over & over again…Samsung is refusing to RECALL their refrigerators even after YEARS of numerous complaints & the same problems over & over again.This company needs to be shut down


or sued OR ALL THREE. We don’t need Samsung in America. Honesty


& legitimate service are quality attributes….of which Samsung DOES NOT have.NEVER NEVER NEVER buy Samsung……it’ll only be a long drawn out nightmare of unresolved problem after problem.RicPhoenix AZ USA”

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