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Complaint: Child Protective Services is a joke. They take away children when they shouldn’t and leave children who are actually being abused in the hands of the abusers. I never knew how screwed up the system was until my three nephews were the victims and brushed under the rug of, “child protective services.””My nephews ages 14

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Phone: have encountered numerous incidents of domestic violence by their mother and her boyfriend of 9 months and who is not the father of any of my nephews. The boyfriend’s rage spilt over onto my nephews and mainly targeted the 6yr old. I didn’t know the extent of the things going on to those boys until 3 months ago when my mother in law finally got Cps to listen and check on the boys.The investigators specifically stated in their reports that no contact should be made between the boyfriend and the boys or they will be removed. A few days later I saw my nephews at a bus stop some 20 miles away from where they lived. I gave them a ride to their mothers place and out of the 9yr olds mouth he said the boyfriend had still continued to reside with them but told the boys not to say anything when Cps made their visits. The 14 yr old nudged him and told him to be quiet. I told my mother in law

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