San Diego Cabinets Review


I bought cabinets from this company and everything seemed great. I guess thats becasue I don’t know what I’m looking for to be honest. Im a 27 year old single mom and it was my first time purchasing cabinets. The customer service seemed really nice when I called to ask some questions about the cabinets. Once they were bought and installed though it was a completley different story. I had some questions about the cabinets right after they were put in but the phone number just rang continusouly. Less than a month later the cabinets started falling apart. After 3 days of trying to get in contact with them via telephone I decided to go into their store. The owner stated that I bought the cabinets as is and that he wouldn’t help me fix them and he said there was no way I could return them for a refund. He basically made me cry, I dont have much money and it was a large purchase for me. This place ripped me off! I highly suggest using a different company thats more reputable and well known. .

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