Sandals Resorts Review


Slow bar service. Aisde of a good breakfast omelette, the food quality sucks from 7am-6pm. Only the dinner food & service was good. The bar service was awfully slow. Then there’s the garbage slogan, “the luxury included vacation.”” No way. The luxury has been forgotten here

except at dinner. Here’s a summary of some of the bad experiences: On Sunday

we attempted to use the paddleboards around 3:30 pm and were told it was too windy. This was the start of the lies we we provided by your company. On Monday morning

we attempted to use the paddleboards again. As expected

we were denied acces to them. We were told that the resort did not have their licenses up to date and that it would be taken care of. We were also told we could use them the following day. On Tuesday morning

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