Sandra Adams Pollard Virginia Virginia


Well my husband and I had been married for over 34 years before I found out about this whore. . When ever my husband and I would go out he was always texting on his phone or going to the bathroom and staying a long time. My husband and I both have worked in the law enforcement field most of our married life which means we work odd hours.So he always had plenty of time to talk to his whore. || I was making breakfast one morning when I heard my husband talking to someone. He was in the bathroom and I could hear him say” Nothing can keep me from you and I love you so much”. When I confronted him he told me he was writing a song ( I was born at night but not last night) so I confronted him again and he would not tell me anything, so I left the home and contacted my son who told me he had a number to someone that his father ask him to call if anything happen to him but when my son gave me the number it came back not a good number. So I spent the night in a motel that night and went home the next day. Everything seemed to be alright but then the next morning I woke up to someone telling that he was lying and that he was cheating on me. We began to argue again and he left the house and during this time I hacked into his e-mail account and found his whore’s name, address,phone and work phone number and I called her at work. || Oh she was cocky about it, saying that yes she had been with my husband and that is when I told her I was going to contact her employer, ( she worked for the local school) and would get her fired because most of her e-mails were sent from her work, she told me she would not have anything else to do with my husband if I would not call her employer which I don’t make deals with whores. I then call my husband and told him he better get home before I called his Chief ( he was a high ranking officer with the local police department ). || Well he came home and called her and told her he wanted nothing else to do with her. I then sent a certified letter to her employer with all the e-mails she had sent from her work and also sent copies of all the e-mails to her husband. Also the cell phone she had my stupid husband paid for from money I had given him to start a savings account. So I still now and then call the number to just let her know I am still here or send her a picture of us together. || So all women in the Arrington Virginia area or anywhere in Virginia,take note of this woman because I am sure she is still out hunting for a man, but I don’t know why one would have her after all the things that have been stuck in her.

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