Sandra Knight – Instagram Review


Ok so this was very recent. My name is ******** ****** and on the 4th January when I decided to part with £300 to a person on instagram claiming to be able to give me lucrative returns for my investment. The instagram account name is official_sandraknight and she also has another account by the name of sandraknight. They seemed genuine when messaging and I fell for it. She claimed money back within 3 hours. After five hours I was told I needed to relaese the money by transfering a further £1500 settlement fee to another account to release my supposed earnings which they claimed exceeded £5000. I declined and agreed to a much smaller amount of £120 (the last big of money I had left in my account). They have now asked me to wait five days for the money to be processed. I know I’m not getting the money back now is I’ve done my research and found out that these guys are professional scamers.

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